I am not Marilyn

Live at Zedel -The Crazy Coqs-, 20 Sherwood Street , London W1F 7ED

Andy Warhol’s paintings, the cheeky song for JFK’s birthday, a white skirt billowing over a subway grating.

Marilyn’s icon was build upon her unique blend of childlike innocence and provocative feminine sexuality. Despite being indisputably a hugely famous actress and a “bombshell”, Marilyn contributed to set the standards of the Jazz and Swing golden age of the 1940s/50s. Her breathy brassy voice singing My Heart Belongs to Daddy, I’m Through With Love or Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend is history.

Today, having premiered to sold out houses, and gained excellent reviews at Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2019, Viviana Zarbo reinterprets her songs – masterpieces composed by geniuses like Cole Porter and Irving Berlin – in a personal way, devoid of clichés, with an amazing jazz trio.

Viviana creates an atmosphere in which tales of Marilyn’s life are intertwined with tales from her own life, and Marilyn’s role as an artistic model which shaped Viviana’s career is recounted through the great diva’s songs.