A charming and velvet voice with a true passion with the storytelling... inspired by the great Jazz Divas like Ella Fitzgerald and Billie Holiday, but also by actresses-singers like Julie London e Judie Garland, Viviana Zarbo is a versatile artist who conveys her love for jazz and swing in her shows, taking you back to the 1940-1950s, from the streets of Harlem to the movie studios of California by delivering energetic yet classy and elegant performances.  Born in Italy but based in London since 2014, she has performed in very well known venues in London like the Pizza Express Jazz Club-Soho and The Pheasantry, The 606, The Crazy Coqs as well as abroad. She has recently launched her debut jazz album entitled Take Away, released by the iconic Jazz 33 records. 

In Italy, she has performed in "Musiche in Miniatura" (Miniature Music) a musical tour in the smallest, cozy and beautiful historical Italian theatres such as Teatro Belloni (MI), Teatro della Concordia (PG), Teatro Salvini (IM), Teatro Arrigoni (PN), Teatro Civico (T0), Teatro Petrella (FC), Teatrino di Vetriano (LU), Teatro Flora (MC), Teatro Accademico (TV)

"Take Away" is the expression of ....a velvety voice that Viviana has learnt to use well... a debut worth noting" Jazz in Europe.

VIVIANA ZARBO very much knows how to hold an audience imagination, is definitely THE REAL DEAL........ the audience not keep their eyes from the stage .”The Jazz UK”. 

"Delicacy, sweetness and light soon give way to pride, sass and attitude in Viviana Zarbo's title track of her new CD, "Take away". Her vocals fill the air. Debbie Burk- Jazz Author.