I am not MARILYN

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TheSpace Triplex, Hill Place, EH8 9DP, Edinburgh

Andy Warhol's paintings, JFK's birthday song, NYC subway grate upskirt, the list goes on. Marilyn's icon is a blend of innocence and feminine sexuality. Despite her bombshell fame, Marilyn contributed to setting the standards of the jazz and swing golden age. 57 years after her death, Viviana Zarbo, who has had a lifelong fascination with the star, reinterprets her songs composed by geniuses like Cole Porter and Irving Berlin, in a personal way and devoid of clichés. By intertwining tales about Marilyn's life with her own, Viviana recounts how her life was shaped by Marilyn’s songs.

Viviana Zarbo Jazz Trio

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The Tabard, 2th Bath road W41 LW, London

Charming and strong, a velvet voice with a true passion for the storytelling, London based Italian singer Viviana Zarbo comes to the Tabard. She will be presenting some of her favourite music from across the world and generation in her fresh jazz way with a brilliant Jazz Trio.